AH Ampire LTD

The name of the company was chosen by director Azzedine Deba, who meant by A (Azeddine) and H (Honest).
Azzedine began his career as a sole trader and then established AH Empire LTD company in 2008.
In 2012 the company moved to its current place in Wembley.
Currently the company has nearly 100 suppliers from all over the world and more than 1,100 customers spread throughout the United Kingdom.

In general, AH Empire connect the farmers or manufacturers that produce goods with the companies or public institutions that need them, such as the factories buying inputs for their industrial processes or the retailers buying finished goods to sell in United Kingdom Market
We also import goods from other countries and redistribute them within UK, and export goods produced in UK to other markets.

We sell merchandise in large quantities to retailers as well as to other businesses and institutions.

We are also often experts in logistics, and can provide marketing and support services such as labelling, packaging and product training to the companies they serve.

Visions & Goals:

  • Preparation of plans and the foundation for access to the advanced quality of parallel what we find in the world today.
  • Access to the global production, so that we provide to our customers the best quality.

The company has established several brands spread in the UK market and the most important is: